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Обработка сейсмических данных (французский)
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Перевод на русский язык по запросу

  1. Tender Request

GROUPEMENT «GARA TISSELIT» will operate the Takouazet fields in the south-west region of Algeria, in accordance with a Contract of Association between Rosneft-Stroytransgaz Limited and Sonatrach. The GROUPEMENT is known as Client requests Tenderer to submit a Tender proposal for the performance on Seismic Acquisition.

All of the above is as further described in these Invitation to Tender (“ITT”) documents (hereinafter generally referred to as the “Services”).

  1. Invitation to Tender Documents
    1. The ITT documents, which are provided in a CD copy, comprise:

 -   Commercial Volume (One Volume) comprising


Part A             Instructions to Tenderers

Part B             Contract Documents

            Part C -           Models


-   Technical Volume (One Volume) [English].


  1. Tenderer is required to ensure that the ITT documents received are complete and to confirm such receipt by return to the Client by letter, fax, directed  for the attention of the person(s) named hereunder:

                       Mr. Alexander Nikolaev        fax:  +213 -21-60-36-77

E-mail:                                               au_nikolaev@mail.ru

Mr. Redouane  Mouzali          fax:  +213 -21-60-36-77

                                    E-mail:                                    redouane_mouzali@yahoo.fr



  1. Should Tenderer find any discrepancies or omissions in the ITT documents, or should intent or meaning appear unclear or ambiguous, it shall immediately notify the Client by letter, Fax and directed for the attention of the person(s) named above.
  2. Tenderer is required to carefully study the ITT documents (and any information referenced therein or forwarded to Tenderer in connection therewith) and ascertain and satisfy itself as to the extent and requirements of the Services and the meaning and extent of all responsibilities, obligations, liabilities and conditions therein, and to obtain all other information that may be required to enable it to submit its Tender(s).
  1. Instructions to Tenderers
    1. The purpose of these Instructions to Tenderers is to inform Tenderer of the correct procedures to be adopted to satisfy the requirements of the Client for the submission of a Tender.
    2. The Instructions to Tenderers are to be read in conjunction with all other Parts of the ITT documents.
    3. The Bid Document shall form the basis of conformity of the Bid Proposals to the requirements as set out therein.  Nothing shall be deemed to change or supplement this basis except revisions to the Bid Document issued to all BIDDERS in writing by GROUPEMENT «GARA TISSELIT» as NOTICE(s) to BIDDERS.
    4. All Bid Proposal must be signed and certified by an officer duly authorized by BIDDER.
    5. Any amendments appearing in the Bid Proposal must be signed or initiated by the Bidder’s authorized officer.
    6. In the event the Tenderer wishes to visit and examine the Site during the tendering period, an application shall be made to the Client within two weeks after Tenderer's notification of intention to submit a Tender. Client will determine a suitable time and date for the visit and will advise Tenderer accordingly.  Tenderers shall be responsible for their own traveling and accommodation costs and Client will arrange internal travel and accommodation.

No claims will be entertained for any matter which the selected Tenderer could have ascertained for himself prior to submitting his Tender.

  1. A bidder shall submit only one bid in the same bidding process.
  2. Any deviations from these procedures may result in the rejection of the Tender.
  1. General Requirements
    1. Except as otherwise provided in this section A, terms used in the ITT documents shall have the meanings ascribed to them in Part C of the ITT documents.
    2. The Client may wish to visit Tenderer’s premises and/or the locations where Tenderer proposes to undertake the Services prior to the submission of its Tender.  In such event, Tenderer will afford the Client’s authorized representatives access to such premises and locations for the purposes of evaluating the suitability and sufficiency of Tenderer’s available facilities and resources for the performance and completion of the Services in accordance with the requirements of these ITT documents.
  2. Tender Acknowledgement
    1. The Tender and Tender Acknowledgement shall be signed, with the usual signature, by the person or persons authorised to legally bind Tenderer and shall be dated.
    2. Tenderer shall confirm its intention to submit a Tender by completing and returning to the Client the Tender Acknowledgement within seven (7) calendar days of its receipt of the ITT documents.
    3. If Tenderer does not wish to submit a Tender, Tenderer is requested to immediately complete and return the Rejection of Tender form. In such event, Tenderer shall immediately return all ITT documents to the Client and delete all information relating to this Invitation to Tender from its computer systems.
    4. The Tender Acknowledgement and Rejection of Tender forms shall be sent to Client by letter for the attention of the person(s) named in Item 2.2 above.  Returned ITT documents shall sent to the person(s) and the address stated in Item 2.2 of these Instructions to Tenderers.
  3. Confidentiality

This Invitation to Tender, together with the ITT documents, and any and all drawings, specifications and other documents and related information issued or made available to Tenderer by the Client in connection therewith (hereafter referred to as the “Confidential Information”), are the property of the Client and are disclosed to Tenderer only for the purpose of enabling Tenderer to prepare and submit a Tender. Tenderer shall not disclose any such Confidential Information to any person or party other than is necessary for the preparation of its Tender(s) and any such disclosure shall be subject to same terms of confidentiality as contained herein.


7.    Requests for Further Information


7.1     Tenderer may request from the Client any additional information Tenderer considers is required in order to complete its Tender.  All such requests are to be submitted by letter, fax for attention of the person(s) named in Item 2.2 above.

7.2     Any such request must be made no later than fifteen (15) calendar days prior to the closing date for the receipt of Tenders.  Requests received after that date might not be considered or answered by Client.

7.3     Any such information, interpretation, advice or modifications given by or agreed upon by the Client in response to requests received pursuant to Item 9.1 above, shall be made available to all Tenderers by letter, fax as Clarifications in accordance with Item 9.0 of these Instructions to Tenderers without revealing the identity of the original enquirer in order to keep the Tenders on a comparable basis.

7.4     Except as provided herein, Tenderer is not permitted to contact or communicate with any member of the Client’s staff (nor staff of consultant companies engaged by the Client) on any matter relating to this Invitation to Tender.

          Uninvited visits to the Client’s offices by Tenderer to discuss the ITT documents or any other purpose during the tendering period shall not be acceptable to the Client.  Failure to comply with this instruction may be just cause for the Client to invalidate a Tender.

  1. Modifications by the Client

8.1     The Client reserves the right to modify the ITT documents up to ten (10) calendar days prior to the closing date for receipt of Tender proposals. Such modifications, if any, shall be issued to all Tenderers in the form of Clarifications in accordance with Item 9 of these Instructions to Tenderers.

8.2     Only if the modification to the ITT documents is substantial shall Client consider an extension of the closing date for receipt of Tender proposals.


  1. Clarifications
  1. Pursuant to Items 7 and 8, above, the Client may clarify / modify the ITT documents after they have been issued to Tenderers by issue of Clarifications that shall be sequentially numbered and issued to all Tenderers.
  2. Sequentially numbered Clarifications issued by the Client pursuant to this Item 9 shall be deemed to form part of the ITT documents and Tenderer shall take into consideration the content of all such Clarifications in the preparation and submission of its Tender(s).
  3. Tenderer shall promptly acknowledge its receipt and understanding of each Clarification as may be issued by letter, fax for the attention of the persons named in Item 2.2 above.
  1. Errors and Omissions

If Tenderer discovers any inconsistencies in the ITT documents, or it is in any doubt as to the meaning thereof, it shall formally notify the Client at once.

The Client requires Tenderer to declare, guarantee and undertake the Services as required and specified in the ITT documents.

The Client also requires Tenderer to undertake to correct all objections and exceptions to the ITT documents already known or which may be identified later, noting that no additional financial commitment will be borne for the full scope of the Services described in Part C of the ITT documents.

  1. Preparation of Tender

11.1 The Tender shall be prepared as two (2) separate submissions, ‘Technical’ and   ‘Commercial’. Tenderer is instructed to submit both submissions: technical and commercial by the stated due date for evaluation by the Client. The Technical Submission shall be completed strictly in accordance with the requirements of Item 11.2 and 11.3 below.


11.2  Technical Submission

The Technical Submission shall contain the Form of Tender (Technical), duly signed, dated and completed in accordance with the requirements of the ITT documents, and those Attachments to the Form of Tender ( see Part A.3)

  1. The Technical Submission shall clearly address the information requested for the scope of the Services.

Under no circumstances are any prices or pricing information to be included in the Technical Submission.

  1. Tenderer shall submit the original and copies of each Technical Submission in the following number:
  • One (1)_original, marked “ORIGINAL TECHNICAL” and Two (2) hard copies,
  • One (1) electronic copy on compact disc (CD) containing all technical tender documents in a format compatible with the requirements of these ITT documents.
  • No other sections of the ITT documents shall be returned to the Client by Tenderer when submitting the Technical Submission.
  • In the submission of its Tender, Tenderer shall be deemed to have full knowledge of all matters and things necessary to complete its Tender, as required for and associated with the satisfactory and timely performance and completion of the Services fully in compliance with the requirements of the ITT documents and to have satisfied itself as to the sufficiency of its Tender proposal in such respect, including, without limitation, risks, contingencies and other circumstances that may influence or affect the Tender proposal.

11.3 Commercial Submission

a) Following evaluation of all correctly received Submissions from Tenderers, Client shall proceed to the study of Commercial Submissions from those Tenderers which technical offers completely correspond to the technical project.

b) Tenderer’s Commercial Submission shall contain the Form of Tender (Commercial),  proposal duly signed and completed in accordance with the requirements of the ITT documents (Annexe D to Contract),, including those Attachments to the Form of Tender being relevant to the Commercial Submission as listed and clarified within of the ITT documents.

c) Tenderer shall quote an all inclusive non-escalating price for the whole of the Works comprising the subject of this Tender as defined in the Tender Documents. All prices shall be quoted in US Dollars.

  1. Tenderer shall submit the original and copies of each Commercial Submission in the following number:
  • One (1)_original, marked «ORIGINAL COMMERCIAL» and Two (2) hard copies ,
  • One (1) electronic copy on compact disc (CD).
  • Tenderer shall complete the Forms of Tender (Technical and Commercial as required), stating its registered name and address and it is to be signed by its principal officer whose full name and position shall be typed or printed in the space provided.
  • When so requested by the Client, satisfactory evidence of the authority of the person signing on behalf of Tenderer must be furnished.
  • Should Tenderer consider that any of the items contained in the ITT has a financial impact, for which it has not been given specific opportunity to price, it shall include such into the appropriate element of its sums, rates and/or prices in the Commercial Submission(s).
  • It should be noted that the Client requires the Tender proposal to be without qualifications or exceptions and reserves the right to reject any Tender if this requirement is not met.
  • If Tenderer is prepared to undertake and is able to price a requirement, but would prefer an alternative, Tenderer, should submit such alternative Tender proposal. Such alternatives shall be submitted in addition to a Tender proposal calculated on the basis set out in the ITT documents. Any consideration of such alternative shall be entirely at the discretion of the Client.
  1. Submission of Tender

12.1 Tenderer is to ensure that its Technical Submissions is delivered to the Client before the closing date and time notified by the Client. Tenders received later than the said closing dates and times may be rejected, notwithstanding the means of delivery to the Client.

12.2  The Tender submissions may be forwarded by courier service or delivered by hand.

12.3  The submitted Tender proposal shall be addressed to Client as follows:




ADRESS:  №13, Rue Amar Mehsari (ex Tidis), HYDRA, 16035, Alger, Algerie.    


Attention:  Mr. Nikolaev Alexander - Head of Contracting Department.

                   Mr. Mouzali Redouane - Head of Contracting Department

12.4 The Technical and Commercial Submissions of Tender proposal shall be submitted jointly, each in separately sealed envelopes by the due dates advised by the Client. The envelopes shall all be marked as follows:








No:     RFQ 33/11



[* Mark Technical or Commercial Offer as appropriate]

There shall be no other marks or identification on the packages or envelopes with the exception of the Client’s name and address. Any package or envelope indicating the name of Tenderer will be rejected

  1. Consideration of Tenders

13.1 The Technical Submission will be used to evaluate Tenderer’s technical capabilities to carry out and complete the Services in accordance with the requirements of the ITT documents. Tenderer is to ensure, therefore, that the Technical Submission contains sufficient information relating to Tenderer, its technical capabilities and facilities, personnel, resources, equipment and material sources, previous experience etc. to enable the Client to carry out a full and complete technical evaluation.

13.2 The technical evaluation shall be completed by the Client without any reference to the Commercial Submission.

13.3 The Client hereby reserves the right to request any further information from Tenderer that it may deem necessary to complete the evaluation of the Tender, which may include, without limitation, a breakdown of any lump sums, rates, prices or percentages tendered.

13.4 The Client may require Tenderer to provide satisfactory evidence of its credit worthiness and/or financial soundness and/or capacity to execute the Services.  

  1. Acceptance of Tender

14.1 The Company shall not be bound to accept the lowest, all, or, any part, of a Tender proposal and may elect to accept a Tender proposal (or proposals), in part or in whole at its sole discretion. 

14.2 The successful Tenderer, if any, will be required to enter into a formal contract with the Client which will be on the same terms and conditions as are contained in the ITT documents, subject only to any mutually agreed modification.  The successful Tenderer shall be required to enter into a contract with the Client in the same business name as that in which its Tender proposal was submitted.

14.3 The Company shall not be deemed to have accepted any offer unless and until a contract is duly signed by both parties.

14.4 The Company has the right to stop the tender or it to stop at any stage of its carrying out, including after opening offers of contractors. Participants of the tenders sending technical offers for participation in the tender automatically give the consent that will not have any claims to GGT in that case such events.


14.5  The company reserve the right to reject any offer not complying with the technical tener requirement.


14.6 Articles 23 referenced in Algerian bidding regulation “Code des marchés” is applicable.

  1. Costs of Tendering

All costs of Tendering shall be borne by Tenderer, including, without limitation, all costs associated with visits to the Client’s offices which may be requested by the Client.

  1. Tender Validity

Tenderer warrants that its Tender proposal (including any alternative proposals) shall remain valid and available for the Client to accept for a period of ninety (90) calendar days from the closing date for receipt of Tenderer’s Technical and Commercial Submissions.


  1. Tenderer’s Obligation to Execute the Services

In the event that the Client accepts Tenderer’s Tender proposal as submitted in accordance with the Instructions to Tenderer and the Client so notifies Tenderer by notice about the beginning of service delivery, signed by the Client, then Tenderer shall accept and execute the Services in accordance the terms of such service order, which shall be based upon the provisions of these ITT documents and Tenderer’s Tender, as amended/supplemented by subsequent written agreements, and Tenderer shall enter into a contract with the Client on the same basis.


18.    Presentation of the Technical Offers.

 The technical offer presented by the tenderer, with no reference to price, must include the following documents completed, initialled and signed:

  • The commitment letter of the tenderer by his technical offer valid for the period of validity of the offer;
  • The power of attorney;
  • The file of general information including the administrative file ;
  • The technical proposal;
  • The initialed draft contract;


 And all other information or any document having to be provided by the tenderers in accordance with Part A section A.3. The tenderers use the corresponding documents and models included in the Tender documents.   



The commercial offer must contain the following documents:

  • The price quotation following the instructions of the Operator ;
  • Power attorney entitling the signatory (s) offer to engage the tenderer.
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