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Национальные и международные тендеры BAOSEM 1545
11.09.2018, 14:51

Entreprise Nationale de Géophysique



The National Company of geophysics initiates a National

and International Open Competitive invitation to tender

réf : 19/DAGS/INVEST/2018, relating to Supply of ¶ twenty-three (23) trucks 6x6 all-Terrain (Off-road trucks) and spare parts, divided into two (02) batchs :

Batch n°01: Nineteen (19) all terrain 6X6– body type : industrial water tank (Non-potable water) 12A 15M3 capacity

Batch n°02: Four (04) all-terrain trucks 6X6 – body type :


Interested tenderers by this bid can withdraw specifications from :

E.NA.GEO-Dpt Passation des Marchés, BP 140, Zone Industrielle, Hassi Messaoud or dl-dpm@enageo.com, against payment of a nonrefundable amount of five thousand (5 000) Dinars for the Algerian company or Eighty (80) dollars (or currency equivalent) for foreign company, into one of these following accounts:

Currency account N° 00200035351200014090, at Foreign Bank of Algeria (BEA), HASSI-MESSAOUD.

SWIFT account N° I760BEXADZAL.

Dinar account RIB N° 002000 3535 04760 143 35, at Foreign Bank of Algeria (BEA), HASSI-MESSAOUD.

Or N° 0020001212032 62 608 34, at Foreign Bank of Algeria (BEA), BD AMIROUCHE.

Excluded companies from SONATRACH Group deals are not allowed to participate in this bid.

The present call for tenders will be held in two stages.

Only the technical offers must be sent by tenderers at the first stage, with all the documents requested and which are listed in the pspecifications and must not bear any reference to the prices.

The original bid bond is an integral part of the technical offer.

The contract will be allocated to the bidder who will present the most advantageous offer economically.

In accordance with the first stage, the technical offers must be put in sealed and anonymous envelope, bearing only the following destination address and information:

Entreprise Nationale de Géophysique ”E.NA.GEO”

À Monsieur le Secrétaire de la Commission

d’Ouverture des Plis

B.P N°140, ZI, Hassi Messaoud 30500.

Avis d’Appel d’Offres à la Concurrence National et International Ouvert


« Confidentiel, à ne pas ouvrir »

Folds will be exclusively delivered at the following address:

Département Passation des Marchés –Hassi Messaoud.

The closing date of submission is forty two (42) days from the publication date in the BAOSEM.

In case the deadline falls on a holiday or a legal holiday, the folds can be deposited the next business day.

The folds opening will be made on the time, the day and at the address which will be subsequently communicated to bidders; it will be made in public session and bidders or their duly appointed representatives will be invited to that effect.

Tenderers will remain committed to their bids for one hundred and eighty 180 days, from the folds opening date.

Baosem N°
    1545  du : 10-09-2018
    01545 021 01
Type d'appel
    Avis d'appel d'offres
    07-Equipement de transport routier, maritime et manutention


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